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The Alexis Pentcheff gallery, a specialist in antique and custom-made frames in Marseille, offers a unique place for art lovers and collectors. Whether you wish to enhance your artworks with an antique frame or would rather order a custom-made frame, the gallery provides professional advice and expertise to guide you in your research.

The Alexis Pentcheff Gallery in Marseille: a large collection of antique frames

On our website, you will find a wide choice of vintage frames, sorted by style. We ship in France and internationally. If necessary and when it is possible, we restore frames in our collection and work with talented craftsmen. One of our framing specialists can also help you find the perfect frame for your painting, following your taste and your budget.

Whether you are seeking Renaissance style, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Napoleon III, Bouche or Montparnasse, you will find many references on our website and at the shop located 131 rue Paradis in Marseille.

Custom-made framing for your paintings in Marseille

In collaboration with R.G Les Cadres Gault, Alexis Pentcheff Gallery offers custom-made framing service and the opportunity to display your artwork in a unique frame, made in the tradition of the house.

The art gallery

Alexis Pentcheff Art Gallery specializes in paintings from the second half of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. Regularly solicited for its skills in painting from Provence, the gallery has organized more than thirty exhibitions, published several artist monographs (Raphaël Ponson, Joseph Inguimberty, Alfred Lombard) and participated in international events such as the Brafa and Biennale Paris.